Mapp gas hand torch Welzh Werkzeug 874-WW


6 in stock


6 in stock

Mapp gas torch hand held type Welzh Werkzeug 874-WW

Mapp gas torch hand held type Welzh Werkzeug 874-WW


This torch uses the widely available Mapp gas bottles to create an intense flame for a wide range of tasks including brazing, soldering and heating components. The torch is fitted with a 1? UNEF 20 pitch thread, the standard for all Mapp gas canisters


Mapp gas is a blend that includes propylene, methyl acetylene and butane and burns at a higher temperature than butane or propane making it more versatile


The torch has a locking button to stop gas flow when not in use. The flame is ignited via a Piezo electronic switch and the flame can be locked on when in use and the regulated valve ensures a consistent flame regardless of the angle the torch is held at


The cast aluminium body incorporates on/off switch with piezo ignition and a brass flame adjustment knowb


Gas is not supplied with the torch


Ensure that all safety precautions are observed when using this torch

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