Damaged wheel nut removal tool Welzh Werkzeug 1158-WW


7 in stock


7 in stock

Damaged wheel nut bolt lug removal tool Welzh Werkzeug 1158-WW

Damaged wheel nut bolt lug removal tool Welzh Werkzeug 1158-WW


Easily remove damaged locking wheel nuts, bolts and lugs with this versatile and near universal piece of equipment


The kit consists of a series of special sleeves are conical so they narrow the further they are inserted onto the damaged nut, bolt or lug. The sleeves have a smooth interior surface and a hammer is used, with the first mandrel, to impact the sleeve over the nut it can then be removed with a breaker bar or impact wrench using the 19mm hexagon drive


Once removed the nut is removed from the sleeve by inserting the second mandrel into the sleeve through the same hole used to apply the sleeve and hammering the damaged nut out


There are 8 sleeves in this kit and the sizes are set out below.

Part number   External diameter  Internal diameter

1158-1-WW      26.0 mm                   19.2 mm

1158-2-WW      27.0 mm                   19.9 mm

1158-3-WW      28.0 mm                   21.0 mm

1158-4-WW      28.8 mm                   21.9 mm

1158-5-WW      28.9 mm                   22.2 mm

1158-6-WW      30.0 mm                   22.9 mm

1158-7-WW      30.9 mm                   24.0 mm

1158-8-WW      31.8 mm                   24.7 mm


We supply replacement sleeves. Please search our shop using the part number marked on the outside of the sleeve.


For larger nuts and lugs between 27.3mm and 32.7mm external diameter please search our shop for Welzh Werkzeug 4063-1-WW


This item is supplied in a custom designed blow moulded case.


Please note that the sleeves are classified as consumable items by Welzh Werkzeug and are therefore not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty

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